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SpongeBob Dictionary Wiki
  • Guidelines

These are the policies of SpongeBob Dictionary! Please make sure you revise them and understand them. They must be obeyed.

  • A. General Policies
    • 1. User Conduct
      • a. Users should be nice and friendly to other users, regardless of what position they are in.
      • b. Users should not call other people foul names, nor rude names.
      • c. If users are breaking a said rule of other user conduct rules, contact an administrator.
    • 2. Content
      • a. Articles should be formatted properly using the appropriate templates, categories and infoboxes.
    • 3. Profanity
    • a. Absolutely no profanity. This is a SpongeBob wiki, intended for younger viewers. "Hell" and "damn" are allowed if they are used in context.
  • B. Requests
    • 1. Assistant
      • a. To be an assistant, you must have: 250 edits (100 mainspace edits)
      • b. Clean block record for three months
      • c. Clean edit revert history for four weeks
    • 2. Administrator
      • a. To be an administrator, you have: 500 edits (250 mainspace edits)
      • b. Clean block record for six months
      • c. Must be an assistant for three months
      • d. Must have majority of support from all the current admins and bureaucrats voting
    • 3. Bureaucrat
      • a. To be a bureaucrat, you must have: 1,000 edits (500 mainspace edits)
      • b. Clean block record for a year
      • c. Must be an administrator for six months
      • d. Must have support from all administrators and bureaucrats voting
    • 5. Rollback
      • a. To be a rollback, you must have: 50 mainspace edits
      • b. A clean block record for thirty days
      • b. Any Bureaucrats may promote any users to become a rollback at their discretion.
  • C. Chat policy
    • 1. General
      • a. All SpongeBob Dictionary Wiki rules apply in the chatroom
      • b. All orders must be made by chat moderators, unless said otherwise stated by a user of higher power.
      • c. After 2 (two) kicks, a ban must be put in place.
      • d. A ban may be put in place at the discretion of the banning chat moderator.
      • e. If no ban is made after 2 kicks, the chat moderators that have failed to follow this system must face a warning. Repeated violations can result in a potential user rights review.
      • f. No spamming.
        • 1. Spam counts as:
          • A. Flooding
            • 1. Flooding is which more than 7 lines of text is put through
          • B. Random letters and numbers
      • g. No trolling
      • h. No intimidation.
  • D. Discussions
    • 1. General
      • a. All discussions can be made by any user that has more than 10 edits.
      • b. All discussions must be relevant to the wiki.
      • c. The result should not discriminate others.
      • d. Only assistants, administrators, and bureaucrats may start the voting process.
        • 1. All people may vote during the voting process.
  • E. Signatures Revised August 5, 2018
    • 1. General
      • a. Signatures are used for documentation and verification of a user's identity.
      • b. All users have a default signature, which is ~~~~.
      • c. To make a special signature, you may make a custom signature, which can be made on your preference page.
      • d. If your signature contains complex code, you must make a template for it.
        • 1. If you have trouble, contact an administrator.
      • e. No images or gifs should be larger than the max of 30px.
  • F. Promotion policy
    • 1. General
      • a. All roles here are separated into Sysop, Editing, and Moderating.
        • 1. Sysop are Bureaucrats & Administrators.
        • 2. Editing are Rollbacks & Assistants.
        • 3. Moderating are Chat Moderators & Discussions Moderators
  • G. Copyright Policy
      • a. It is strict said that no content must be copied are removed from other wikias, failing to follow this rule will lead to severe consequences.
      • b. Never upload copyright images, doing so will result in a warning.
      • c. Do NOT post any links to full episodes
        • 1. Do NOT discuss illegal links either.